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Why are gutters so important to your home’s in Vanceboro, ME 04491? (855) 916-2991

Gutters play a vital role in protecting your home and property from the elements. In spite of their important role, gutters are often ignored or undervalued by homeowners. Fortunately, more consumers are gradually learning about the many ways that gutters help preserve a home’s value and why seamless gutters are a wise option for homeowners. An inch of rainfall doesn’t sound like much. But when it falls on an average-size roof, it adds up to a 1,900-gallon torrent sluicing off the eaves. That’s an awful lot of water that can cause an awful lot of damage if your gutters aren’t up to the task of controlling it. Yet we barely give gutters a second thought until they’re clogged and overflowing, or ripped from their moorings by ice and snow. Gutters do more than simply channel water away from your house. They can help reduce landscape erosion, prevent basement flooding, and minimize water staining.


What happens if gutters are blocked in Vanceboro, ME?

When your gutters are clogged, the water they collect has no place to go. Instead, it fills your gutters to the brim. With each gallon of water weighing about 8 pounds, all that extra weight can bend your gutters or tear them away from the roof. Clogged gutters can also cause water leaks on the inside of your home. Trapped water can rot the wooden fascia boards your gutters are mounted to, letting moisture enter your home. And in the winter months, ice dams can drive snow melt underneath your shingles. Water will be unable to properly divert away from your home. Instead, the water will spill over the side of your gutters, leading to a number of different issues like foundation damage, structural issues, mold and mildew, and basement flooding.


Emergency gutter repairs 24/7 in Vanceboro, ME (855) 916-2991

To have a local Emergency craftsman at your gutter emergency in Vanceboro takes less than one hour from the time your call is received. If you ring one of our many 24-hour emergency telephone numbers you will get to speak to a qualified craftsman no matter what time you call. We understand that you never know when an emergency might occur, and so we have experienced craftsmen standing by for emergency call outs. We never charge a call-out fee, although rates may vary depending on the time of day or night. Whatever your gutter emergency, we’re here to help.

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